Kevin Sparrow Watercolours

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I was born in Chester in 1950 the youngest of 7 children. I studied for a short time at Chester school of art in the 1970’s. My original painting medium was oil but I changed to watercolour in the 1980’s As I am self taught in the use of watercolour, It took me a long time and many frustrating attempts to understand and appreciate the medium before I developed my painting style.  

My usual method of painting is a combination of loose watercolour washes  and semi controlled ink drawing,  although I do occasionally settle for  pure watercolour.  

I love the use of colour and use it to create  a rhythm throughout the subject area. Once I have laid my first washes I then draw through them with ink to re-establish the original pencil drawing. I then return to my watercolour adding more definition to the areas within my painting. I find this way of working gives me the sense of life and movement I am looking to achieve.  

My paintings are a reflection of time and space. I do not try to historically record what I see but I try to capture the atmosphere as a moment whilst time continues to go by. I am careful in my paintings not to suggest an era by giving too much detail to people or by defining vehicles as I would prefer a time which could be related to today or to days in the future. The only contradiction to that would be if I wanted a painting to reflect a past time.

In my City scapes I think of how the buidings relate to each other, some tall and imposing with sculptured facades and  some just there, a little less grand but still a major player in the whole city or town composition. I love the thought of the building looking down as  the people rush  by.

In my landscape paintings I am fascinated by the isolated mountain cottage or farm building and their interaction with the natural surroundings  or the group of fisherman’s cottages staring out to sea.

I love painting, in particular I love the challenge and spontaneity of watercolour and I enjoy passing my experience on to my students.

Please take a look at some of the images within my galleries, I hope you enjoy them.